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Check out below all of New Beginnings specialized programs for your child starting at 3 years old up to 12 years old. 

We will help you create a schedule designed for your child. 

Contact us for pricing. 



Robot playing with toy



Learning kitchen basics and safety. We will prepare easy meals and snacks. The children will learn about healthy foods through no-heat cooking. Children should bring an open mind to try new foods as they will be able to sample each day’s creations. Recipes will be shared for the whole family to enjoy.


*PARENTS, before deciding on this program, please consider any food allergies your child may have. Ingredients used may cause allergic reactions in some children.




Ages 4-8: Little Learners can play with our robots and apps that weave in coding, engineering and steam. Dash brings out creativity and critical thinking skills out of your child!


Ages 8-12: Blocky, a visual programming language created by Google, introduces more advanced play. Drag and drop blocks of code to direct DASH around the room. Each week the group has a designated/themed activity that the kids will love!



Our art program will inspire each child to use their own unique creativity for each art project they are given. They will be provided with all types of supplies and materials giving them a universal experience of all realms of art.


Each art program is specifically designed to accommodate each age level and ability.




Our creative play is a very diverse program. Again another program with hands-on learning experiences. Be prepared to get messy. There will be playdough creations, slime, paper mache, and all types of sensory play as well.

We will have imaginary play for our younger children. We will incorporate different themes including Community Helpers, Animals/Pets, Holidays, Seasons, Around the World, Dinosaurs, Space and more.


The older children will have an opportunity to perform in a play mid year, and show off their talents at the end of the year talent show.

Life Skills

In this program, your children will learn basic skills, such as personal hygiene, communication, basic kitchen skills, simple household chores, basic money mangagement, decision making.  The children will have hands on experiences such as sewing, folding clothes, setting a table, how to wrap a gift, basic shopping experiences with how to make change.

American Sign Language (ASL)

Our American Sign Language program will be lead by a certified ASL instructor.  In this program the children will learn basic sign language and practice communicating with their peers.  Depending on the level and the pace the children learn will be determined how much they will excel.  


Our Spanish program, the children will learn beginners Spanish. Our Spanish program will be lead by our instructors who speak fluent Spanish.  The children will also practice communicating with each other. This is a half year program.  


Our lab program will be full of experiments and hands-on science experiences. Each and every week they will be doing experiments as a group or in pairs. The children will get to observe, ask questions, form a hypothesis, predict, and test their predictions.  At the end of the year the children will come home with a binder of all the experiments they did throughout the year.

Health and Mindfulness

In this year long curriculum children will learn about daily health habits and balanced diet, nutrition, daily physical activity, body systems, germs and personal hygiene, environmental safety, bullying, understanding physical and emotional feelings, community safety and identifying health care workers and what they do.

Mindfulness means the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.  This is a good practice in which you can manage stress, anger, worry, and anxiety. We will begin or end each week with a mindfulness activity.  Your child will learn strategies to manage feelings and well being through mindful breathing, guided meditations and positive affirmations.



The music and movement program will introduce our children to all types of genres of music and dances.

The children will be provided with basic musical instruments to make music and create their own tunes.


Our music instructor is a certified Zumba instructor and will teach the children all types of moves that will also incorporate fitness.


This program the children will be provided with Legos and Lego Duplos.There will be weekly challenges that they will be doing with a group or a partner that will encourage them to be creative and use their imagination. They will also have time to do free build and create their own individual ideas.

Play and Learn 3’s & 4’s

Our play and learn program incorporates learning through play. At this age most of our children have never been in a group atmosphere. In this program they will come together and learn to share, socialize, and to follow simple directions and make new friends. We will have learning centers, activities, story time, and circle time.

They will be introduced to numbers and letters through games and hands-on activities. Letter sounds, and counting and recognizing numbers up to 50. We will work on writing skills, patterns, and sequencing.


Kinder Co-ops

Our play and learn program will focus on sight words, early reading and numbers up to 100. Basic addition, subtraction, and math skills. Every morning there will be independent morning work set-up for the children. They will be doing group activities, experiments and they will have centers throughout the room that will include math, writing, and manipulatives. They children will be using the curriculum The Good and The Beautiful and Before Five In A Row, which will be provided by New Beginnings. 




We offer two Co-ops at our program. Each co-op setting is meant to meet the needs of our children who are looking to learn and grow socially. The co-ops offer a structured learning experience for our school aged children. They will work on math, english, science and social studies. The children will do independent work as well as group activities and projects. This is an enrichment program that will help the children grow on top of their homeschool studies. New Beginnings provides the curriculum for each level.

Open Gym by Pro Game Athletics 

Our physical education indoor program is designed to get kids active through obstacles, sports, games and FUN with their peers! Gym is available daily.

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